League of Legends U.S. test service on the 25th changes

barrel E skill greatly strengthened; heart of steel skin border installed

Barrel changes and the Heart of Steel series of skin borders, as follows:

Barrel - Gulagas

  • [E Skill] Flesh Blast

  • Reduce skill CD after hitting enemy unit: fixed 3 seconds → 40% of current cooldown time.

  • [R Skill] Blast Barrel

  • casting time: 0.55 seconds → 0.5 seconds



Tabe: Less than 20% win rate in training matches while preparing for battle, Bin has become more mature and smarter

Korean media INVEN Global released the article “BLG.Tabe talked about Bin’s progress: He has become more mature and his style of play is smarter”, part of the original content is translated below:

In an interview with INVEN Global, BLG Head Coach and Chinese eSports industry veteran Tabe shared the team’s grueling preparations for the League of Legends Global Finals, the nuances of his coaching style, and the rapid growth of their obvious top laner, Bin.

Tabe began by reflecting on BLG’s challenging LPL Summer Playoffs journey, citing (lack of) motivation and version adaptation difficulties as the main obstacles. “The main reason was that if JDG won the LPL Summer, we had a great chance to be the second seed. I don’t think we have that much motivation to do our best in training matches.” Tabe also pointed out version balance issues, talking about the Czar’s version update and how it affects their signature Nichols-Anne style of play. “We’re not very good at middle and bottom carry (games).” Despite these obstacles, Tabe emphasized the team’s need to adapt to the version quickly, “We need to focus on version 13.19.” And said that the playoffs are a thing of the past.

BLG’s road to Global Finals preparation has not been a smooth one, with a tight training schedule of only about 10 days and a hostile environment, resulting in less than a 20% win rate in their training matches. The entire team was struggling to cope with the pressure, but Tabe observed an upward trend. While exploring the intricacies of the new version, their constant practice matches provided valuable opportunities to delve into potential strategies and expand their hero pool.

Coach Tabe’s coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in a collaborative team decision-making process, which sets him apart in the highly competitive League of Legends space.Coach Tabe shares his observations on the changing nature of command, “As far as I understand it, everyone is a commander, and everyone knows what the best command to use at the most opportune point in time is.” He strives to create an environment where all players are proficient in understanding and executing tactics to improve their collective ability to deal with individual pressure.

Speaking about the progress of Bin’s players and the role he plays in the team, Coach Tabe not only expressed his admiration for the top laner’s maturity. “The difference is that he’s become more mature now and he’s playing smarter.” Coach Tabe also described in detail how Bin went from a player who rarely defended and cared little about the actions of his fielder to a player who knew how to communicate and capitalize on his style of play and strengths through communication.Coach Tabe also elaborated on how to expand Bin’s player’s horizons. “My biggest challenge for him is to motivate him to not just look at the lineout period, but to utilize his lineout strengths to help the team.” Coach Tabe emphasized the need to instruct players like Bin on the importance of team resources and make sure they understand that the collective good trumps individual wins and losses.

So far, Bin players have been dazzling everyone, including Coach Tabe, with their maneuvers and killer instincts. On a recent match, Coach Tabe spoke about the Bin player’s influence, “The team told him that Kasha didn’t have flash, and he was like ‘Got it, look at me, I’m going to all-in Kasha.’ Within a second after he said that, we hit that crazy group fight.” This example not only exemplifies Bin’s individual ability as a player, but also emphasizes his indispensable role within BLG in trying to coordinate and communicate with precision.

Coach Tabe takes a balanced approach to managing the mindset of the players. He believes that players should be given some space, especially when the team is on a winning streak. “I always tell the players that it’s my job to help you win, so if I’m coaching every day but we’re losing every game, then I’m useless.” Coach Tabe emphasized that he prefers to step in when necessary to give the players autonomy they can only continue to grow.


ShowMaker: Bomberman was an impromptu choice, now switching back to the playstyle the team was originally known for

DK advanced to the next round of the 2023 Global Finals Swiss Round 3 with a 2-0 win over BDS. After the match, mid laner ShowMaker was interviewed by the Korean media, and the original video is translated below:

Q: It’s been a while since we’ve had a winner’s interview.

ShowMaker: Yes, it’s been a long time.

Q: How are you feeling right now? Let’s ask about the feelings first.

ShowMaker: First of all the burning issue seems to be solved. Since we didn’t have a chance, today’s game was very important, and I’m glad we won 2-0.

Q: How does it feel to play Worlds on hard mode?

ShowMaker: If we keep thinking about bad things, it will never end because we will keep digging a hole, so we try to look for the positive side, if our goal is to win the championship, then it will be beneficial to play a lot of matches starting from the bottom and build up our stats. Ultimately, to win the title, there will come a time when we will meet a foe of outstanding strength, ‘run into early and get hit a little bit?’ No, it’s not one hit, it’s two, right? Being hit twice,’ is the mindset to play the rest of the tournament well.

Q: Are you brushing up on your experience?

ShowMaker: Yes.

Q: This can also be called having a high level of strategy. How did you all prepare to face BDS and BDS’s secret weapon GODS today?

ShowMaker: I played Galen in single row yesterday as well.

Q: Really? But you’re obviously a mid laner, why did you play it?

ShowMaker: Because I was assigned to the top lane to play a game, I really like Galen, so I was a bit scared today, and then I also felt that Noob’s performance was good, so I held with Galen and Noob as the main players, in fact, like Olaf and Thuti, even if they are the signature heroes, the heroes themselves are so bad that I decided to leave it to the Canna players, but then the 5th pick suddenly appeared as a dog bear… I didn’t expect this, our Canna player did a great job.

Q: Canyon, who is assisting Canna, seems to be doing a great job today. He seems to be in good shape, what does the ShowMaker player standing next to him think?

ShowMaker: Canyon player seems to pick a lot of heroes with confidence, as well as when there are hidden moves in the top lane, there’s actually a reason why those heroes aren’t used… It’s nice to have those drawbacks, and the Canyon player utilized them well and got a lot of benefits from the top lane side.

Q: Since we’re talking about using a wide variety of heroes, ShowMaker players were originally known for pulling out a wide variety of heroes in critical situations, but lately they’ve been playing Azir a lot, so please comment on Azir.

ShowMaker: Azir… It’s been cut but it doesn’t really feel like it, it’s just a ‘you’re on your own’ (playable) universal choice? It has survival skills, it’s not much of a problem in the lane, and it’s fine in the late game, so it’s only played when you need to watch yourself.

Q: Really? What does that mean? When you’re watching yourself…

ShowMaker: Of course Oleanna is getting good reviews right now, but don’t these heroes have short legs? So they always need to be taken care of, but I think Azir can solve these problems by himself, so play it a lot.

Q: Looking forward to it in the future, whether it’s Azir or any of the other heroes. How did I know you were going to make Sindra the Predator again? Very impressed about (Predator Sindra’s) roaming… I actually had to ask this, I interviewed the Canyon player in a previous interview, but the Canyon player said that ‘matchups and choices that come up in training matches don’t necessarily come up in the main event’. So… It was when the game was lost. He said ‘I should talk with the players and think about it’. It seems like there are a lot of people who are curious, so I wanted to ask ShowMaker about what the player thinks of the training match results, the difference between the training match and the current main event, etc.

ShowMaker: Actually, during week 1, we felt those selection opportunities were good during training, so we took them out.

Q: What choices are you talking about?

ShowMaker: Verus or Bomberman… I actually thought Verus was okay, but Bomberman was a bit of an improvisation, so after the loss, our team was good at what we were supposed to be good at, and like today’s match, we made choices based on the lower lane developmental heroes, and used those as the main focus for today’s preparations, and thankfully the match went well.

Q: Player Deft also said this in his stage interview ‘the idea of changing the line domination seems to have helped’, do you agree?

ShowMaker: Yes, today it was said that we want to play in that style, so each lane was very uptight about the pairings.

Q: The fact that LCs and Ds watching the interview had to agonize over the fact that Worlds was supposed to be a quick ride. ‘Ah, what if I’m still agonizing over Ban Pick right now’, would be the question.

ShowMaker: Yeah, actually… The 2 losses so far… There’s nothing special to say. I’m just sorry that it’s over, so the best answer is to prepare well for the rest of the matches and show you the result of advancing to the Top 8.

Q: So on the contrary, how has DK grown compared to previous losses, and I’d like to hear about the team’s atmosphere and momentum.

ShowMaker: I don’t know if I’m the only one who felt it, but when I had a chance, I seemed to be more nervous, but after losing 2 matches, the players had the idea of ‘really now it’s over if we lose’ and had a feeling of anger, so they were less nervous than usual, so they will show a better face from now on.

Q: Your next opponent is GAM, how thankful are you to the people who drew the lots?

ShowMaker: I didn’t pay too much attention to the opponent.

Q: Let’s put the corners of our mouths down first…

ShowMaker: Honestly it’s not ignorance, but I feel relatively weak…

Q: Of course it’s a strong team going into Worlds, it’s relative.

ShowMaker: The mood is good, but we always think we’re struggling, so it’s important that we do well.

Q: The interview seems to be coming to an end, I feel like there are a lot of fans who support DK, I feel like they should have gone through many kinds of feelings, say hi to them.

ShowMaker: I’m sorry, I’ll fight well from now on.


Pyosik: I wanted to fight and beat Kanavi, I’m sorry I couldn’t meet him.


After the S13 Global Finals where TL lost to GAM in the round of 16, TL’s wildcard Pyosik was interviewed by Sportsseoul, a Korean media.

After calming down, Pyosik said, “I think I’ve only shown good looks every time I’ve been to a Global Finals before. I’ve never been eliminated before the Top 8 of the Global Finals, and this is the first time. I worked hard all year with my teammates, but I failed to show a good face, didn’t win a single match and was very sorry to be eliminated. So sorry so cried.”

Pyosik player said, “To be honest we were very nervous in this match and our opponents played better than us, that’s why we lost the match. The first set was flipped and I didn’t know it when I played the match, but the matchups that came up within the match were very different from what I expected. I was panicked because none of my designs worked. Nonetheless we managed to drag the game to the middle of the set, but were caught out by the other team with a lot of chances.”

Although Pyosik had an opponent he really wanted to play against at this year’s Global Finals, he was sadly unable to do so, and that was JDG’s wildcard, Kanavi, who said, “I’m confident that I’ll be able to outplay the other team no matter which team I’m playing against at the Global Finals. Personally, I would have loved to play against Kanavi and beat him, but it’s a shame that we couldn’t.”

The journey of TL and Pyosik players for the 2023 season comes to an end and his sights are now set on the 2024 season. While there is a possibility that he could continue to play for TL, he said that he can go anywhere if the team wants him to.

The Pyosik player spilled his guts, “After winning the Global Finals last year, what I felt during the transfer period was ‘there aren’t many teams that want me’. This year, I was eliminated early, so I’m probably going to enter the transfer period quickly, and I’ll be free to choose from whichever team contacts me.”

Then, he said, “Actually, after winning last year’s Global Finals, I thought that now I just have to prove myself in the league. Moreover, I thought that no matter who my opponent was, I was confident that I wouldn’t lose to them. And that’s still the case now. Although I don’t know which team I’ll be going to next, no matter the destination, I’ll always work hard and do my best to get on the Global Finals stage again.”

Finally, the Pyosik player didn’t forget to convey his gratitude to his fans, “I thought that after I went to the LCS, no fans would watch my matches. But the domestic fans still watch my matches regularly and I am very thankful to all of you. Thank you for thinking about me and supporting me. I will be the Pyosik who always works hard in order to show a better face to the fans.”

Canna: High win rate in training matches will play less new stuff Play what we play well


After DK’s victory over BDS, LCK official Twitter posted a video interview with top-single Canna player.

Q: How do you feel about the win over BDS?

Canna: We had to get three wins without losing again, it was a guillotine match and I’m very glad we won the match.

Q: How did you feel after playing against Adam?

Canna: I felt that Noob was the hardest hero to deal with in GODS, so I banned Noob in the first hand. It didn’t matter if I played any other heroes except for Northerner during the lineup. It felt like the lineup would be a bit uncomfortable, so I just banned Galen as well.

Q: What was it like when you soloed your opponent?

Canna: I guessed he was in the bushes, prepared myself mentally and then went up for a bloodbath, but Adam player sneaked up to level 6 in the bushes and I almost got killed.

Q: Please say a word to the birthday boy, player Deft.

Canna: Herkwego, happy birthday (laughs) and I hope you play professionally for a long time.

Q: How will you prepare for the upcoming matches with three days left?

Canna: We have a high win rate in training matches, we will keep training on the version that DK plays well, play less new stuff and play what we play well.