Uzi on the spot emotional outburst, Deft became the object of ridicule, S13 curse again shrouded, EDG determined to strike!

S13 Global Finals Swiss round of exciting matches has come to an end, the last round of the three BO3 competition is exciting. Finally, we ushered in the birth of the top eight teams, but also revealed the next matchups. However, the most surprising news of the Swiss Round was the shocking exit of Team DK.


DK sadly failed to pull off the miracle of being the LCK’s fourth seed again, as they were rushed home at the Round of 16 stage.

Uzi’s emotional outburst saw Deft become the subject of much ridicule.

DK’s matchup with KT showed a very strange situation, where DK took the lead in the early stages of both matches, only to be easily defeated by KT in the group stage.

Looking at the performance in the league stage, DK’s biggest problem is the lack of mid and late game thinking, despite the early game performance.


In the DK vs KT match, DK would often be way ahead in terms of headcount, but couldn’t close the economy gap.

Moreover, mistakes started to occur in the group stage, and there seemed to be a gap between the hardcore strengths of the two teams.

In short, DK could win a lot of waves, but as soon as a wave was won by KT, it was hard for DK to turn the situation around.

In both sets, DK was defeated by KT, and Deft was targeted.

He chose Euphorius as his hero in both games.

In the first game, DK was rallying his team to fight the dragon while Deft kept frantically outputting the dragon, missing several opportunities to engage in the group battle.

The situation of the game changed after the failed group battles, which ultimately led to the defeat.

The thrilling Dragon Reunion played out once again!


Deft’s Ephilius had a great second game, with a 6-0 record putting him in the spotlight.

He first stunned the crowd with a 45-degree flinging crooked move, and then managed to reverse his Q skill after being controlled, in a scene that had Uzi commentators exclaiming:

Is his mouse broken?

At this point, the theme song Magic Spell played, and EDG prepared to launch an attack.

However, Deft used a special outfit order in both games, where the third piece of equipment had to be Resurrection Armor.

Compared to other top-tier Ephraims, Deft did have some issues with this outfit strategy.

In particular, choosing to purchase Resurrection Armor again when he has already purchased Windswept Blade is very different from GALA’s gear choice, which was straight to Endless Blade and Bloodsucking Blade as his starting gear.


Deft’s performance in both sets was ludicrous.

Especially in the second game, he chose Euphrasie, only to be completely overwhelmed by his opponent with a 6-0 score.

Any other ADC player would have led his team to victory long ago.

Deft sent DK straight to victory in two waves of reverse maneuvers.

Of course, Deft can’t be completely blamed for causing DK to lose the game.

It’s just that now Deft, as one of the core double Cs, is clearly not up to snuff in this version.

Many viewers began to clear the fact that Deft won the championship last year.

In last year’s final, Deft was overwhelmed by Guma’s various matchups, but still ended up taking the title.


The official theme song of Fist once again hyped up the magic, Deft played the main character in the music video, but was eliminated directly by the top 16, a scene comparable to Ruler’s performance in S8.

DK is also facing the test of reshuffling during the transfer period, while EDG is making every effort to get ShowMaker to join the team.

With the scarcity of LCK talent, DK is having a hard time finding a suitable replacement, but EDG’s former youth manager Lao Yue revealed that their ideal lineup would have ShowMaker as the mid laner and Viper as the bottom laner.

Now that both players have finished their S13 seasons, EDG can move on, but it’s just not clear what the DK team and ShowMaker himself want.

Deft may choose to retire, but given the scarcity of talent in the LCK, it’s fine for him to continue playing as a top 5 level ADC, provided there’s no pressure of military service.

DK will have a hard time completing their reinforcements during the transfer period because of the lack of talent in every position in the LCK.

ShowMaker is likely to go to EDG, and if DK can’t provide a satisfactory ideal lineup, he may choose to leave.


DK’s transfer period will be a huge challenge and will require a combination of factors.

In particular, decisive measures may need to be taken when dealing with the players in the team, especially for the position of Deft.

If possible, DK can reinforce ShowMaker and Canyon’s retention by strengthening the bottom lane significantly, preferably by bringing in a team brain like BeryL.

As for the top lane, DK could consider extending Canna’s contract as there is no good replacement player at the moment.

In this way, DK will be able to make smart decisions during the transfer period and build a solid foundation for the future.