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Every Need for Speed release always brings a surprising change for players, and the result of this fine tradition is that everyone has great expectations for the newest member of the family, Need for Speed 10 Carbone Valley. Developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Need for Speed 10 Carbone Valley is a new and exciting street racing experience that puts players’ driving skills to the test on the unpredictable roadways of the valley. Need for Speed 10 Carbone Valley takes players on a dangerous and exciting journey through the city of Carbone Valley. In a battle for the city’s turf, you and your cohorts must engage in a race to take over your opponents’ areas one by one, against all odds. As the police raise the stakes, the battlefield eventually shifts to the Carbone Valley, where turf and fame are at stake at every dangerous turn. Utilizing the new Autosculpt technology, Need for Speed 10 Carbone Valley takes the art of vehicle tuning to a whole new level, allowing players to design and tune their partner’s vehicle to their heart’s content.
In Need for Speed 10 Carbone Valley, the next-generation racing game, you decide what kind of car you want, what you want to do with it, and what you want to do with it.

每一款《极品飞车(Need for Speed)》的推出,总是能为玩家们带来令人惊喜的变化,而这种优良传统的结果,就是所有人对该家族新成员《极品飞车10卡本山谷》抱以极大的期望值。

《极品飞车10卡本山谷》是由设立于加拿大卑诗省温哥华的EA Black Box 负责研发,将带来崭新刺激的街道竞速体验,让玩家在变化莫测的山谷道路上接受严苛的驾驶技术考验,《极品飞车10卡本山谷》引领玩家前往一座位于山谷间的城市,展开最危险刺激的街头竞速。在一场争夺城市地盘的大战中,你和你的同伙必须参与竞速,不顾一切地逐一接管对手的区域。随着警方把情势逐渐升高,战场最终将转移至卡本山谷,每一条危险的弯道,都与地盘和名声的得失息息相关。运用崭新的Autosculpt技术,《极品飞车10卡本山谷》将改装车辆的艺术带往全新层次,让玩家能随心所欲地设计及调校同伙的车辆。在《极品飞车10卡本山谷》这款次世代竞速游戏中,你的车种、你的同伙以及你的地盘,全由你决定。


Need for Speed 13: Shift [U.S. Edition]

Need for Speed: Shift is being developed by EA’s Black Box and London-based Slighty Mad Studios, with Jesse Abney serving as producer, and the participation of Michael Mann, executive producer at Black Box, and Patrick Soderlund, senior vice president of EA Europe and co-founder of DICE. The 13th generation of Yakuza is now in its 13th generation.   

Entering its 13th generation, Need for Speed: Shift will focus on the theme of immersive racing, and is dedicated to presenting the true physical performance of high-performance sports cars, allowing players to experience the thrill of racing in the first person from the viewpoint of an immersive car, along with the brand new game engine, and to enter an unprecedented immersive world in the Need for Speed series to enjoy an immersive driving experience.
The game features a detailed, immersive in-car perspective, with driving maneuvers such as turning the steering wheel and pushing the gearshift lever, as well as mirrors and instrument panels that change according to real driving conditions. Vehicle modification and tuning, which is a feature of the series, is also available, not only to change the shape of the vehicle, but also to fine-tune the performance of the vehicle.

The game is scheduled to include a variety of tracks such as the famous Formula 1 circuit and the London City Street Circuit.

《极品飞车:变速》由EA旗下的Black Box与位于伦敦的Slighty Mad Studios共同开发,Jesse Abney担任制作人,Black Box执行制作人Michael Mann与EA欧洲资深副总裁兼DICE共同创办人Patrick Soderlund也参与其中。   




Need for Speed Collection

极品飞车是美国艺电游戏公司加拿大黑盒子工作室出品的著名赛车类游戏,英文名为各代标志Need For Speed,简称NFS。从1995年至2009年已经出品了13代共15个作品(2009年出品的NFS World Online算第十代而不是第十三代),这款游戏在世界车迷心目中有着不可替代的地位。

Need for Speed is a famous racing game produced by the Canadian black box studio of the American game company EEG, known as the English name of the various generations of the logo Need For Speed, referred to as NFS. from 1995 to 2009 has produced 13 generations of a total of 15 works (NFS World Online produced in 2009 counts as the tenth generation rather than the thirteenth generation), the game has an irreplaceable status in the eyes of car fans in the world. The game has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of the world’s car fans.

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