Korean media broke the news that 2024 MSI was held in Chengdu

Saudi Arabia announced to host the Gaming World Cup in 2024

Faker: GEN and JDG are the biggest favorites to win the title

Faker: GEN and JDG are the biggest favorites to win the championship S match mid laner Chovy is the strongest


After T1’s victory over C9 in the S13 Global Finals, T1 mid laner player Faker was interviewed by INVEN Global.

Q: Which team do you think has the biggest chance to win this year’s Global Finals?

Faker: GEN and JDG have both achieved good results this year, and they are the biggest favorites to win the title. Besides them, the LCK teams are also very strong.

Q: What about the mid-ranking players? Which player are you most concerned about?

Faker: I think Chovy is the strongest among the players who participated in the Global Finals.

Q: What level of tournament performance do you think Chovy players have reached in recent years?

Faker: Compared to the past, Chovy player has improved a lot. He got rid of his weaknesses and has been playing very consistently. I think his consistency is very good.

Q: You won the gold medal at the Asian Games with players who might be your next opponents, do you think working together is good for you to understand their operations?

Faker: Because we’re on the same team, we’ll understand each other’s style of play better. I think it should be fun to play against them.

Korean media broke the news: 2024 MSI will be held in Chengdu, China

According to Korean media Naver news, 2024 MSI will be held in Chengdu, China.

On the 24th, according to industry sources, MSI (2024MSI), the eSports international competition for the game League of Legends developed by Fist Games, will be held in Chengdu, China. This is the eighth year after MSI was held in Shanghai, China in 2016, MSI will be held in mainland China again.

The Chinese government in 2020 had stated that it wanted to make Chengdu, located in Sichuan Province, an eSports culture metropolis. At that time, the Sichuan eSports Association published the “2019 Sichuan eSports Industry Research Report”, which mentioned that the eSports industry in Chengdu, Sichuan Province reached 18 billion yuan (about 3 trillion 100 billion won) and 40 million players.

According to the rules all three LPL teams don’t have the right to pick sides, MAD & KT & T1 have the right to pick sides

The Korean stream announced the rules for side selection rights before the draw:

  • 1, the team with the highest seeding has the right to pick sides (this rule is enforced in every round of the Swiss round)

    1. In a matchup between teams with the same seeding, the team that is drawn first has the right to pick sides.

Based on such rules, the results of the 2023 Global Finals Swiss Round 4 matchups between 1-2 teams and the matchups between 2-1 teams with side picks are as follows:

October 26th:

  • C9 vs FNC 15:00 - C9 has the right to pick sides (same #2 seed, C9 picked first)

  • MAD vs WBG 18:00 - MAD has the right to pick sides (MAD is the third seed in the LEC, WBG is the fourth seed in the LPL)

October 27th:

  • DK vs GAM 15:00 - DK has the pick of the sides (DK is the regular season team, GAM is the finalist)

  • KT vs LNG 18:00 - KT has the right to pick sides (same 3rd seed, KT picked first)

October 28th:

  • NRG vs G2 15:00 - NRG has the right to pick sides (same #1 seed, NRG selected first)

  • T1 vs BLG 18:00 - T1 has the pick (same #2 seed, T1 picked first)


Saudi Arabia announces eSports World Cup in 2024, Saudi Crown Prince, Crowe and others in attendance

The Saudi Crown Prince said that the eSports World Cup will be the most important step for Saudi Arabia to become a global gaming and eSports hub, and that Saudi Arabia will provide the most unrivaled gaming experience in the world.

Crowe said on his personal Twitter account that he was delighted to meet with the Crown Prince and to attend the meeting to discuss the future of eSports and the eSports World Cup that will be held in Saudi Arabia next year.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, Saudi Arabia has invested a lot in e-sports, and a series of e-sports events held in the Saudi capital Riyadh this year have attracted a large number of teams to participate in, of which the Riyadh Masters of DOTA2 has a prize pool of up to 15 million U.S. dollars, and it is the highest prize money tournament of the year for DOTA2. According to the promotional video released by Gamers8, next year’s World Cup of gaming may include MOBA, FPS, battle royale, racing, RTS, fighting and other types of games.

In addition, according to the Gamers8 official tweet, this time the eSports World Cup is not in the form of national teams, but in the form of clubs.


League of Legends official tweet released the original artwork of the Heart of Steel Boys skin

The League of Legends official tweet released the original artwork for the Heart of Steel Boys skin and featured Red and Blue Kai, as well as Yonne’s sister, Laluun.







S13 Round 4 Draw Summary: KT vs LNG, BLG vs T1, WBG vs MAD

After the conclusion of the third round of the S13 World Swiss Round, the draw for the fourth round has begun! The draw will be split into 2-1 and 1-2 groups and the matches will be BO3.



Foreign media broke the news: VIT and Perkz have talked, Perkz will leave VIT

According to BLIX.GG, citing sources, Perkz and VIT have reached an agreement that Perkz will leave VIT, which will be looking to rebuild its lineup next season, but the rest of VIT’s lineup has yet to be finalized except for Daglas, the second-team batter, who will be promoted to the first-team to replace Bo.

In addition, BLIX.GG also revealed earlier that former FNC and VIT player Selfmade will become the second team player of VIT next season.


GEN’s sweep of G2 peaked at 1.6 million viewers

The 2023 League of Legends Global Finals is underway, and G2 vs Gen.G in the third round (BO3) of the Swiss Round had the most overseas viewers, with the highest peak of 1.6 million viewers.


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