Fielding Skills and Awareness in League of Legends Games

In League of Legends, the fielding position plays a crucial role. The fielding player needs to patrol the map to help his teammates catch the enemy’s weaknesses, control important capital points, and ensure the safety of his side’s wilderness. A good fielding player not only needs to have excellent mechanical operation and game awareness, but also needs to have excellent teamwork and communication skills.

Choosing the right fielding hero

Choosing the right fielding hero is the key to victory. Different fielding heroes have different characteristics and skills, suitable for different game style and tactics. The fielding heroes can be divided into three types: control type, output type and tank type. The control type fielding heroes are good at controlling the enemy’s movement and casting skills, the output type fielding heroes have high seizure danger, and the tank type fielding heroes have high preservation ability and the ability to accept danger.

When choosing a fielding hero, you need to consider the overall tactical needs of your team and the enemy team’s choice of heroes. If your team needs more control and assistance, you can choose control style fielding heroes such as Nortilus and Vayne. If your team needs more output, you can choose output-type fielding heroes such as Li Qing and Rengar. If your team needs a tough front row, you can choose tanky fielding heroes such as Olaf and Talia.

Fielding Paths and Priorities

Fielding players need to choose a fielding path at the beginning of the game and make adjustments in response to game stops and game changes. The most common paths are the classic “red and blue buff” path and the “anti-field” path.

When you stop playing, you need to choose the right path according to the different heroes and the enemy’s position. If you choose a control-type field hero, you can choose to clear your own field at the beginning of the game, and then go to the opponent’s field to loot capital. If you choose an output-type fielding hero, you can choose to go to the opponent’s field to stop aggression at the beginning of the game in order to give your team an advantage.

When playing in the field, you also need to prioritise your play according to the objectives on the map and the changes in the battlefield. If your side’s tower on the lower lane is pushed down, you will be able to choose to go to the lower lane and stop counter-attacking in order to deter the enemy from advancing. If your teammates need help, you are able to choose to go forward to the responsive position to stop the assistance. With a reasonable fielding path and priority adjustment, you can gain more advantages for your team.

Fielding awareness and game observation

Players need to have good awareness and game observation skills. You need to keep an eye on the map during the game and react to the enemy’s position and movement.

You need to keep an eye on the enemy’s position and movement

By watching the movements of the enemy fielder, you will be able to judge their paths and attempts, and respond to them. If you notice that the enemy fielder is heading down your lane, you can inform your teammates down your lane early and prepare to counterattack.

You need to keep an eye on the map for targets and capital points

When your side’s Dragon or Dragon is about to be released, you need to organise your team early and make sure you have enough vision and preparation. You also need to keep an eye on the capital points in the wild, such as the red and blue buffs and river crystals. By looting those capital points, you can provide your team with more advantages.

You need to keep an eye on your team’s needs and objectives

As a field player, you are the centre of assistance and control for the entire team. You need to choose the appropriate actions and tactics according to the needs of your teammates to stop the game. If your teammates need help, you can choose to go to the corresponding position to stop assistance. If your teammates need to control and open the group, you can choose to control the enemy’s movement and initiative attack.

League of Legends fielding skills and awareness is the key to improving the game. Choosing the right fielding heroes, making reasonable fielding paths and priorities, as well as having excellent fielding awareness and game observation skills, will help you get more success in the game. With continuous study and theory, I believe you will become a superb fielding player!