Dry your tears for bronze! China 0-2 South Korea no League of Legends Asian Games first gold

From the moment the grouping results came out, the “China-Korea duel” that should have been staged on the stage of the finals started in advance, and there is no “way back” for both sides, either the gold medal or the bronze medal.

0-2, the final Chinese team with “exemption from military service” BUFF South Korea, the Chinese team boys do not despair, “anti-Korean” is not overnight, September 29, 14:00 Chinese team with Vietnam and Chinese Taipei, the loser of the competition for the bronze medal, the same day! On September 29th at 14:00, China will play for the bronze medal against the losers of Vietnam and Chinese Taipei.

Ruler and Kanavi’s players are all in action, and the Korean team is winning the battle for resources in the wild area.

This year’s Hangzhou Asian Games saw e-sports become an official sport, and both the Chinese team, as hosts, and the Korean team, which is the favorite to win the title, attached great importance to it.

From the deployment of troops, first of all, the Chinese team, in June this year, the League of Legends Chinese team announced the final list of six people, six people are Bai Jiahao (ID: 369), Chen Zebin (ID: Bin), Tian Ye (ID: Meiko), Yu Wenbo (ID: Jackeylove), Zhao Lijie (ID: Jiejie) and Zhuo Ding (ID: Knight), the lineup configuration is very good: Knight), the lineup configuration is very luxurious. However, due to the health problems of Bai Jiahao and Yu Wenbo, they withdrew from this year’s Asian Games and were replaced by Peng Lixun (ID: Xun) and Zhao Jiahao (ID: ELK). (Extended reading: impact 6 gold! Hangzhou Asian Games e-sports program Chinese army “into a group”)


Even with the substitutions, the Chinese team’s staffing remains top-notch. First of all, the three players from BLG team, Chen Zebin, Peng Lixun and Zhao Jiahao, have already shown their strong “anti-Korean” ability. In the MSI tournament held in London, England in May this year, the BLG team in the loser’s bracket, first zero points of the South Korean LCK region’s first seed GEN.G team, and then with a 3:1 difference in the score to take the T1.

Tian Ye and Zhao Lijie from EDG team have already proved themselves through the stage of League of Legends S11 Finals. As a “Grand Slam” player and a “veteran” of the team, Tian Ye’s rich experience in big matches and delicate skills put fans at ease. Last but not least is Zhuo Ding from JDG team, who is considered as the No.1 Chinese mid laner with impeccable skills.


The Korean team’s lineup is also star-studded, with Choi Youqi (ID: Zeus), Lee Sang-hyuk (ID: Faker), and Ryu Min-analyzer (ID: Keria) from T1, Park Jae-hyuk (ID: Ruler) and Seo Jin-hyuk (ID: Kanavi) from JDG, and Jung Ji-hoon (ID: Chak) from GEN. Jung Ji-hoon (ID: Chovy).

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, the “proud” Korean team took the unprecedented step of choosing players from regions other than the LCK, in order to effectively target the Chinese team. Park Jae-hyuk and Seo Jin-hyuk, as meritorious members of the JDG team, have helped the team to win the LPL League Championship and the MSI Championship, and are very familiar with the Chinese players. They know Chinese players very well. Zhuo Ding of the Chinese team is his club mate, and the three players of the BLG team have lost to them many times, so they have a certain psychological advantage.

There is also the middle of the Lee Sang Hyuk player, as the most successful player in the history of the League of Legends e-sports, has achieved countless achievements, known as the “Great Demon King” by the players. However, Lee Sang-hyuk, who is now 27 years old, is currently playing the role of a spiritual pillar in the Korean team and has yet to take the field in the knockout stage.


The South Korean team elimination stage of the regular mid-single player Zheng Zhi Xun is also an uncompromisingly talented player, from the emergence of the GRF team to the giants of the GEN.G team, took 2 LCK league championship.

The first game of this Asian Games semifinal China-Korea battle, the opening only 5 minutes and 53 seconds, the South Korean team took the lead to get the 1st point of the whole game, in the 15th minute, both sides each took a small dragon, in the 19th minute, the Chinese team’s ZhuoDing player to take the three kills, but then the South Korean team killed the big dragon. In the 28th minute of the game, the South Korean team decisively opened up a group, and Kanavi’s player killed three to take away the game.

In the second game, only 3 minutes after the start, the Chinese team got the first points, 13 minutes, the Chinese team points have been maintained in the lead, but the game to 20 minutes, Ruler player power, the Korean team economy to realize the counter-recovery. 28 minutes, the Korean team first to get the hearing dragon and then to take the big dragon, the economic advantage of 3,000. 32 minutes, the Korean team to use the big dragon to force the group to realize the group destruction, and achieved the semi-final victory. The game is a great opportunity to see how the Chinese team is doing in the semifinals.

In this China-Korea confrontation, the Chinese boys fought to the end, as the new force of China’s League of Legends program, fans should encourage them a little more, a little less harsh, back to the club players have to go to South Korea to participate in the League of Legends S13 World Finals, which is also a chance for them to fight the battle of the turnaround.

League of Legends China-Korea rivalry has been going on for 11 years EDG became the first LPL team to beat LCK in the S finals

From basketball to soccer to the explosion of e-sports in recent years, the rivalry between China and South Korea has become the center of attention. The League of Legends has a history of feuding with China and South Korea dating back to 2012.

In 2012, the League of Legends S2 World Finals stage, the fledgling WE and IG team on behalf of the Chinese region on the international arena, IG team in the face of the South Korean region powerhouse AZF team, by the other player’s abusive language, and from then on before the Chinese and Korean teams, “Liang Zi” is considered to be knotted.

In the same year, WE went to South Korea to participate in the Dragon Warrior Cup, all the way to the final, against South Korea’s KT.A team. A team. In the second game of the final, the three lines of advantage WE team immediately to take the victory, just at this time, the Korean organizers, so that WE team team disconnected from the Internet dropped line, the game was also suspended, the Chinese players can only watch the South Korean players time and time again to kill their own, but in the end, WE team did not suffer from the influence of factors outside of the field, the score of 3-0 smoothly took the game victory.


  • WE team won the championship

As the League of Legends e-competition has become more and more mature, there are fewer and fewer off-court factors, but the gap between the hard power of China and Korea before is becoming more and more obvious. In the S3 World Finals, the all-Chinese Imperials were defeated 3-0 by the rising SKT in the final, and since then the Chinese team has begun a heartbreaking journey of “anti-Korean”.

Fans witnessed the domination of Samsung’s ten sons and the SKT team under the leadership of Lee Sang-hyuk won three consecutive world championships, while the Chinese team had no success on the stage of the world championships, and even witnessed the Korean civil war in the Bird’s Nest in S7.


  • UZI tears in the S7 match

Until the S8 game held in Incheon, South Korea, “like chaos” of the small IG came out of nowhere, in front of the door of the Korean team to break the monopoly of the Korean team on the world championship, knockout round, facing the extremely good at operation of the Korean region’s top seed KT team, IG team with its own strong line strength and veteran of the KT counterweight! In the end, it was very difficult to win with a score of 3-2, at that time only 17-year-old Yu Wenbo player also dedicated the famous scene of “blocking the professional forward flash”, so that the name Yu Wenbo is remembered by players around the world.

After KT, IG was invincible and easily crushed the European team Fnatic 3-0 in the finals to win the LPL’s first World Championship. That night, the cheers of congratulations to IG echoed across the sky, and the news of IG’s victory was broadcast on the news network.


IG team’s victory also let Chinese fans realize that the strength of the two countries before is shrinking, in the subsequent S9 quarter-finals, the Korean army routed, only SKT team advanced to the next round, South Korea’s GRF team was in the team IG 3-1 easily take away, DWG team also defeated the European G2 team, and finally from the LPL region of the FPX to take the title, the LPL region also completed the 2 consecutive championships.

However, in the final stage of S10 held in Shanghai, South Korea’s DWG team easily beat LPL’s SN team 3-1, blocking the LPL’s three consecutive titles.

Until the S11 World Finals stage, once again staged the battle between China and South Korea, the final EDG team 3-2 hard victory over the DK team, crushing their two consecutive championships to create the dream of the dynasty, EDG all the way to the end of the two South Korean teams, defending the honor of winning the S series of tournament clock the highest gold trophy, which is the first time that the LPL team won the finals against the team from the LCK.


In addition to the stage of the World Championship, the previous MSI also staged countless China-Korea matchups, RNG won the Cup over DK at the Busan MSI, and then finally to the final of the Asian Games in Jakarta, which was also a China-Korea battle, and ultimately, the Chinese team won the gold medal, and also proved that 5 Chinese people can beat 5 Koreans.

From the old WE, the old royal family and the dark forces OMG team, a batch of Chinese teams fighting in the “anti-Korean” first line, the Chinese team from facing the gap to narrow the gap and finally complete the reversal, walked through the youth of countless e-sports people, the Hangzhou Asian Games semifinals of the Chinese team lost to the South Korean team, so that the gaming people once again realized that the Sino-Korean gap, the LPL region still needs to be a good place for the Chinese team to play. The gap between China and South Korea, the LPL still need to continue to progress, from the world’s first region there is still a long way to go. Finally, we hope that the Chinese League of Legends team will achieve more success in the future world tournaments and climb the peak.