Top 5 ADCs in Worlds 2023: Elk Ranks 5th Ruler Tops the List

With the League of Legends S13 Global Finals underway, media outlet Inven Global recently posted an article giving the top five ADCs in the World Series, which reads as follows.

The importance of ADCs has been dominant throughout the 2023 season, with ADC players having to consistently deliver great performances with impeccable positioning and high damage output, which contributes significantly to their team’s victories. As a key determinant of success, here are Inven Global’s Top 5 ADC players in the world for 2023.

TOP 5: BLG.Elk

This past year, BLG achieved the best results in the team’s history. In the LPL Spring, they finished fifth, made the playoffs, beat multiple teams to finish second, and finished second in MSI. In the Summer Season, they claimed first place in the regular season, but once again lost to JDG to finish in third place.

One of the key contributors to this success was Elk Zhao Jiahao. Although he had many ups and downs, Elk was able to prove unstoppable when he reached his peak, and Elk was named to the LPL 2nd XI in both the spring and summer seasons. However, he still has room for improvement, especially against opponents like Ruler and Gala, who he has struggled with on numerous occasions.


TOP4: KT.Aiming

In the Spring, Aiming was criticised for his inconsistent performance. However, in the Summer, he showed remarkable consistency and contributed greatly to the team’s first place finish in the regular season.Aiming’s explosive performance in the summer led the team to 17 consecutive victories and a third place finish in the playoffs.

His outstanding contributions earned him a spot on the lck first team alongside his teammates. aiming also led his team through the regional qualifiers and into the worlds, where he would make his first worlds appearance. Will he show his explosiveness again on the international stage?


TOP3: LNG.Gala

Gala Chen Wei has been recognised as a super carry style ADC and has been performing at a high level for the past two seasons. In the spring season, he played for RNG and showed consistent and outstanding performance, leading the team to the playoffs.

In the summer, he moved to LNG and once again showed his consistency as a bottom laner, leading the team to a runner-up finish. With the return of Kasha, his excellent Kasha skills were especially noteworthy as he picked up two five-kills.Worlds 2023 will be GALA’s first time on the international stage as a team other than RNG. Can he surpass what he achieved with his last team?


TOP2: Gen.G Peyz

Peyz is a new player drafted for the 2023 LCK Spring Season. Despite his newness, his excellent mechanics and calm playstyle have shone through. His ability to deal massive damage is perfect for Gen.G’s bottom lane. Just in the summer, Peyz picked up three five-kills, showcasing his excellent ability to find opportunities. He reached the record of 500 kills and 500 assists in his first season.

With Peyz’s outstanding performance, Gen.G won the second place in the regular season and the championship in the spring and summer seasons. In particular, Peyz was named Spring FMVP and received all the honours a rookie can receive in his debut season. After making his debut on the international stage at MSI, fans were eager to see what Peyz could do at Worlds. He is ranked second in Inven Global’s top five.


TOP 1: JDG.Ruler

It’s safe to say that Ruler tops this list.Ruler’s move to JDG got off to an eye-catching start, scoring four kills in the first set and five kills in the third set to make a dazzling debut in the LPL. He continued to excel throughout the season, leading JDG to immediate success and securing the title. In the ensuing MSI, Ruler once again showed an overwhelming performance against Elk in the finals to win the title once again.

Despite showing weaknesses at the beginning of the summer season, Ruler’s excellent play allowed him to win the title once again.Ruler was named to the LPL One Posse in both the spring and summer. In addition, he won all the tournaments he participated in during 2023, including the Asian Games. This year, Ruler had an impressive year, characterised by grand slams, as he topped Inven Global’s ADC player rankings.