All Chinese class is too unlucky, and drew a top team, can be called the LPL nemesis

Today was the last day of the first half of the Swiss round of the World Championship, and the two eliminated teams were TL and BDS, with a crucial draw taking place at the end.

GAM knocked out TL 2:1


Although TL is not a strong team, GAM is a small region team and most people still favored TL before the game. However, GAM has been “creaming” one team every year, and this year it was TL, who like last year’s TES, also has two World Champions. It turns out that TL is impersonating TES.

In the first game, TL didn’t capitalize on the precious opportunity of being on the blue side, and chose a lineup that would break at the first touch of a group battle, and GAM took the lead.

In the second game, Pyosik chose his signature hero, Chijak, who has a champion skin, and his immortality helped his team to get back to the game.

In the deciding game, GAM’s bottom lane player Slayder chose the strongest hero of the version, Xia, with extreme output to lead the team to victory.

Although GAM will probably have a hard time advancing to the quarterfinals in the end, it’s a breakthrough in the history of the tournament to win a BO3 at the Worlds.

DK 2:0: BDS Advancement


The second BO3 wasn’t too suspenseful. One team was DK with 3 World Champions, and the other was the 4th place team from LEC. In the first game, Deft chose a female police officer with the “Parade” skin and crushed BDS’s bottom lane, while BDS’s God King Adam was banned from Galen and Northerner and could only choose a bear to play, which had no advantage over Canna’s Ignite Rambo.

In the second game, Canyon chose Blind Monk, and helped his team to build up a 6k economy advantage in 15 minutes, leading his team to advance easily.

The fateful draw

As today’s matches were all between 0-2 teams, the matches were not very exciting, but more interesting was the draw ceremony after the matches.

In the 1-2 bracket, the biggest worry before the draw was that DK and WBG would be drawn together, so that one of the two strongest teams from China and Korea would be eliminated early. But luckily that didn’t happen, DK drew GAM and WBG drew MAD, so they should both make it through. C9 vs FNC, on the other hand, is a delightful battle between Europe and America.


With the 2-1 bracket, the signings are especially important. Because only 1 win is needed to reach the last eight, and if you draw a weaker opponent, things are done. Obviously G2 and NRG are the lucky ones, they drew together, avoiding the 4 Chinese and Korean teams, one of them is bound to make it to the last eight. That’s why some viewers commented that this was a deliberate signing done by Fist to keep 1 European and American team to advance.

KT is definitely the team with the worst luck in the Swiss rounds, playing Chinese and Korean teams in every round and never playing a European or American team. This time KT drew LNG, the strongest team in the LPL, which is enough for them to drink a pot of water.

The BLG’s luck is also relatively poor, in addition to playing FNC once, the rest of the opponents are all Chinese and Korean teams, this time the BLG drew T1. Although the dominance of the T1 in recent years is not at its peak, but the T1 in the history of the world tournament has always been very stable results, the bottom of the quarter-finals, and many times eliminated the LPL team, can be called the LPL nemesis. However, BLG, as a “foreign war god”, had a 3:1 victory over T1 in MSI, so it has a certain psychological advantage.


The subsequent matches in the Swiss round may directly determine elimination or advancement, so all the matches will be BO3, no more BO1. The tournament will also go into a two-day break, allowing teams to adjust and prepare, and study tactics. the tournament will not start again until October 26th.


After looking at the matchups for the next round, which teams do you think have a chance to advance?