LOL $210,000 for a sky-high account! How much is your account worth?

LOL this game has developed so far, I believe every player has some skins on their account. These skins can be purchased in the weekly 50% off specials, or can be purchased at the original price through the mall, and a portion of them are obtained through XXX’s Mystery Shop draw. Whether we draw a lot of skins or very few, we judge whether we have made or lost money based on the value of the skins. Some players even use the quality and quantity of skins they own as a measure of the value of their account.


I used to think that competitive MOBA games like LOL rely heavily on maneuvering skills, unlike games such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Heavenly Sword, and Sword 3. Therefore, I always thought that LOL accounts could not be sold for much money. Until one day, when browsing a game trading website, I stumbled upon the LOL account trading area, so I was curious to open the point to browse a bit:

  • Here you can describe what you see on the LOL account trading area according to the specific situation, such as the price range of the account, the seller’s reputation, etc.

Such an experience made me start to rethink the value of LOL accounts. While maneuvering skills are still vital in the game, having rare skins and high-quality accounts also gives an added value to the account. Of course, when buying or trading accounts, we still need to be careful to ensure that the transaction is safe and legal. After all, the real value of an account still lies in one’s love and experience of the game, and on top of that, more skins and higher quality accounts are just icing on the cake.

This LOL account is a winner of an internet cafe tournament and has a very high reputation. The server the account is on is Ionia, which is a very competitive server. The account has 14 rune pages, which means that players can choose different combinations of runes depending on the situation. In addition, the account has all of the heroes, which means that one can choose as many heroes as they want to play as they want to play. There are also 130 skins in the account, including very rare skins such as Ice Festival, SKT Victory and Pool Party. In addition, the account won the 2012 Zhejiang Provincial Championship, which is a very valuable honor.

While it may be difficult for some to understand how the value of this account can reach $210,000, for some LOL collectors and enthusiasts, this account boasts very rare and valuable skins, as well as the honor of having won an important tournament. For them, this account represents a unique value and significance and therefore they are willing to pay a hefty price for it.

The high sky-high price of the number:



A $210,000 LOL account? Let’s take a look at the description of the account:

  • This 200k account includes the following features:

  • Year-round limited skins: including Lobster, Gothic Laurie, Osman the Great, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 123rd Anniversary Limited, and more.

  • Champion Skins: just a few short of being complete.

  • Heartwarming Level 2 Membership.

  • Aionia (217) and Bilgewater (215) servers have some limited skins.

  • QQ Level 70.

  • Icon Dash.

There are many more accounts similar to the one shown below, with all heroes and over 600 skins, priced at around 40k.


As you can see, the current prices of these accounts are basically priced by the sellers based on their own assessment of the value of the account. After all this, I would also like to know if my LOL account has a high value. Since I’m an early player, if I inadvertently acquired some valuable skins back in the day, it would be a real beauty to say goodbye to the industry as soon as I sell them.

  • Segment added value

  • King 500

  • Master 300

  • Diamond 200

  • Platinum 100

  • Gold 50

  • Skin added value

According to the reference formula, the prices of skins that can be purchased directly are as follows:

  • Skins under $50: $5

  • Skins from $50 to $100: $10

  • For skins over $100: $20

For limited series of skins:

  • Limited skins like Pool Ice Festival: $20

  • Battle team limited skins: $30

  • Annual limited skins: $50

As for the value of skins like Dragon Blind, Dementor, Hex Tech, etc., it depends on whether the buyer is interested or not. If the buyer doesn’t play Blind, Dragon Blind is just an annual skin for him.

Other added values are as follows:

  • 2 or more rune pages: $15

  • Each hero: $5

  • There is no fixed price for the value of rare guards, rare avatars, and loading borders.

Based on the above reference formula, you can deduce the value of your LOL account.