Lol new hero Hwei latest breaking news: cute rabbit appearance + ultra-high operating difficulty exposure

Riot Games recently released some exciting news related to the new version and new hero.

The next version will have huge changes and a new hero is coming soon. Let’s look forward to it together!

Riot Games’ latest new LOL hero, Hwei, has a truly thought-provoking name!

This mid laner mage uses ink as his weapon and attacks his enemies like a flowing river.

While there isn’t much news about Hwei as of yet, there have been new revelations recently that have made everyone even more curious!


A Brazilian tweeter has revealed a new hero for the League of Legends game called Hwei, an “ink mage” who uses art as a weapon.

His maneuvers are very complex and pose a challenge to players.

There’s also news about the Dragon Egg ADC, which will have the ability to “breathe fire” and may be related to a member of the royal family (king/prince).

However, the Dragon Egg is also said to have some sort of guardian protecting it (possibly an existing hero).


Aside from that, it was also revealed that her appearance could be related to a rabbit and that she is very complicated to operate.

With that, there was both anticipation and a sense of déjà vu.

Unexpectedly, once the announcement was made, the series of data and settings immediately triggered hot discussions among netizens.

They have said, isn’t this the Shangguan Wan’er in the King of Glory?

Shangguan Waner uses pen and ink as a weapon, the operation is extremely difficult, and I still have not mastered the flying skill.

For players with a low level of operation like me, such a hero is really not very suitable.


Take a quick look at the latest breaking news!

There’s a mysterious hero coming soon, with unknown operating difficulty and unknown form, but it will all be revealed later online!

There’s also good news, as Riot Games revealed that there will be an easy-to-operate hero coming online, which is highly anticipated!

LPL suffered unfavorable draw, two consecutive rounds of civil war, failed to play against Korean teams

S13 Swiss round of the second day of the game has been completed, followed by the draw.

However, the result of this draw was very disappointing to LPL fans, because yesterday’s drawer even gave the worst sign to the LPL region.


The LPL civil war is back, and Korea’s luck has turned

LPL had the worst luck and JDG became the unlucky ones.

Today’s draw was another old favorite, giving LCK viewers two civil wars yesterday that left them speechless, and giving LPL viewers a key civil war today that left them devastated.

It’s almost like a nightmare of S13, and the LPL viewers are calling for the draw to be replaced.


LPL viewers were most looking forward to JDG vs GEN and LNG vs G2, so that JDG would face stronger opponents while LNG would have a chance to show their sharpness.

The Korean audience, on the other hand, wanted to see GEN play G2 and LNG play JDG.

It turned out to be as expected, with JDG being the unlucky ones, with two consecutive rounds of internal battles.

LPL viewers won’t be happy if JDG manages to beat LNG in the BO3 stage to advance to the last eight.


Why is JDG reluctant to play a civil war?

The reason is simple.

First of all, they don’t want it themselves.

Secondly, LPL viewers think that JDG is the strongest team in LPL, and they don’t want JDG to consume too much strength in the civil war.

Instead, they wanted JDG to play more against Korean teams, which would greatly reduce the possibility of Korean teams advancing to the top eight.

At the same time, this would allow JDG to maintain a high level of athleticism, and even if they lost a game, they would have the ability to bounce back.

BLG drew a good draw, while WBG’s difficulty increased.

Of the other two LPL teams, BLG played against FNC and was expected to get second place for a chance to advance to the BO3 round.

WBG, on the other hand, unfortunately missed the chance to win against KT and encountered a bigger challenge.

It’s a shame that WBG lost to G2 today, if they had won, the result could have been completely different.


WBG drew well in both rounds of the WBG, but unfortunately missed an opportunity, and the later matches may become more and more difficult.

For LCK, T1 drew C9, KT drew WBG, and DK drew BDS. LCK is expected to win all their matches in this round, and the key is to see if WBG can beat KT after losing to G2.

Overall, the situation in the Swiss round is still unclear except for the winner’s bracket, which could be followed by various bizarre dramas, such as teams that have met multiple times or unexpected cold streaks.

The LPL needs to be ready to field three teams against three teams from the LCK.


This year’s Swiss round draw is a real head-scratcher, and I hope we get some more intense Korean battles or foreign battles to make the tournament more exciting.

Now to evaluate the four LPL teams, the most worrying of them all has to be WBG.

They might stop at the Top 16 for the simple reason that WBG’s double C’s didn’t perform well today and The Shy didn’t show his peak strength.

If they can’t adjust their condition, WBG will probably be in a predicament without a Carry point.


Hans Sama’s strong pressure caused Light to suffer during the matchups, while Tiger’s consecutive mistakes at crucial moments added to the situation.

Quisan was also underwhelming in the midgame, with the only bright spot being the Wild Auxiliary playing well in the WBG.

For the following matches, Tiger will have to step up to the plate because if he doesn’t play well, it will be hard for WBG to beat KT.

Among the other three teams, JDG’s form has been a pleasant surprise, but if they keep on fighting within themselves, the result might not be too good.

Now we expect LNG to beat JDG and let them go to face the Korean team in order to find their form.

Otherwise, they will have no chance of resurrection once they enter the knockout rounds.

Despite JDG’s steady performance, viewers will still be worried.


For LNG, the midfield is in peak form and now we are expecting Zika and Hang to break out.

Once the two of them play well, LNG will have the strength to win the championship.

As for BLG, they are a team whose form is hard to judge and the key lies in their play in the promotion round.