“Hero Alliance Handball Game”

Recently, two very interesting things happened in the “Hero Alliance Handball Game”.

One is a game in the second season of the Hero League Handball Asia League (WRLA2), the challenger JT faced the strong enemy NOVA, in the BanPick stage, when everyone thought that JT’s last hand would be to choose the Hammerhead with control and shield, they did choose the one with control and shield - Pansen.

This unexpected and somewhat destructive choice, with a raging early play style, the opponent suppressed almost collapse. But just when everyone thought JT was going to topple NOVA, NOVA’s wild card Sword Demon used two more miraculous dragon steals to slow down the opponent’s offense, and involved the game in a pulling rhythm. In the end, NOVA was still undefeatable in the face-to-face battle, and relied on the perfect implementation of single-banding tactics by single player Cyan Shadow, and won this suspenseful game by forcing the base to be demolished.

Accident, strong attack, crush, collapse, miracle, reversal, reverse victory ……

“Until the last moment, no one could believe that this victory would be greeted with such an ending.” At the end of the match, the commentator gave this comment.

This match was discussed quite a lot among players, and it was also made into a commentary video comparable to a hot-blooded anime by the UP owner. Some players commented that the degree of excitement was no less than the S match, and they have been very enthusiastic about this kind of both ornamental and intense matches, and many players exclaimed that the original handheld game was also so ornamental.


  • From B-station UP owner Ji Bean Pig.


Another thing

Another thing is that just a few days ago - LOL handball game reached the first place on the iOS best-seller list.

LOL handheld games have always been very stable and excellent on the charts, but reaching the top of the bestseller list and achieving continuous domination is the first time since LOL handheld games were launched, and makes it Tencent’s 3rd game to unlock this achievement this year. Rightfully so, players have been discussing this eyebrow-raising domination of the list with the same fervor, as it means a great deal to LOL handheld games, both at the market and player levels.

“Out of the blue, worthy of being my favorite game, I hope it can be a little more bullish in the future.” Voices from posters.


In the year 2023 which is coming to an end, it is interesting and worth recalling that these two things which have aroused a lot of discussion among players appear at the same time, and in our opinion, it is not a “chance event” but a “sooner or later, it is just a matter of time” topic. In our opinion, it is not an “incidental event”, but a “sooner or later, it is just a matter of time”. In fact, in this year, we have twice talked about LOL hand game, to explore such a top game IP, in addition to the heritage of end-game experience, how to explore their own development.

At least from the results, LOL hand tour has been doing the “right thing”, and realized the results of the accumulation of thin hair.

The “crystal rose” skin

Help LOL hand tour topped the best-seller list, is the “crystal rose” this series of skin.

As the first original skin of the hand tour, the unique style of the crystal rose bright and shiny has always had a very high popularity. This time, the third phase of the skin series is also full of petals, gems and other gorgeous elements, and the special effects and original drawings have been significantly improved compared to the previous two.



  • From the microblogs of the two skin designers “XHE1992” and “four days foday”.

After Crystal Rose’s new skin was released, many celebrities and cosplayers shared high-quality photos of the theme on social media platforms.


  • Zhong Chenyao cosplaying as Crystal Rose Sarephanie

Although players often shout “hurry up with XXX skins”, excellent original series skins often bring a stronger sense of freshness, from the overall pace of this year’s skin releases, “original” or “classic From the overall pace of skin releases this year, “original” or “classic innovation” has taken up more and more weight.

Innovation is not only skin level, from the past year, we can very obviously feel, LOL hand tour in thinking more suitable for their own development path, for example, this year, LOL hand tour has always been in the direction of more lightweight efforts, in the restoration of end-game content of the original flavor, to maintain the competitive premise, has been in all aspects of the adjustment of the hand tour of the game tempo and operating habits, to make a more “suitable for hand tour environment”, and to make a more “suitable for hand tour environment”. “Suitable for hand travel environment” of the League of Legends.

These adjustments are as small as the equipment and rune mechanism. For example, in the 4.4 version of the update, LOL hand tour “mage” system ushered in a major change. Not only joined the handheld version of the “book of murder”, “broken queen’s coronet” and the original legal system to break the shield equipment “the halberd of the sea spirit”, and at the same time for handheld control characteristics, the production team also let a number of At the same time, for handheld game control characteristics, the production team also allows a number of mage heroes to guide the type of skills can also be cast on the move and increase the basic movement speed and basic attribute optimization of all mages, greatly improving the operation of the mage heroes fault rate, the richness of the content and freshness of the game has been significantly improved.


LOL hand tour in many heroes redo, are in the direction of “hand tour specialization”.

A few months ago, the wind woman redo, from the end of the game like her move in place casting guide, changed to the player can move freely after casting skills. That is, to avoid the negative experience of hand travel is easy to mistakenly touch the roulette wheel to interrupt the casting of spells, but also increased the player’s operating space.

The recently launched Qin female redo, still follows a similar design idea. The original qin female although in the specific value and end game slightly different, but the skill effect and mechanism basically with the end game remain unchanged. Only in the LOL hand game, the qin female this kind of brittle skin auxiliary want to play out the versatility of the functionality will be more difficult.

So the designers changed her passive to be a pummel with stun every 3 layers regardless of any tone, giving her more survival environment; and also changed her big move to throw out a ranged control that consistently inflicts damage, making it easier for her to put in a good move and hit the hero cap.


  • Players jokingly referred to it as “Throwing out a Kenan.”

In the early version of the LOL hand tour, many heroes design ideas along the rhythm of the end game in the go, this is actually not wrong, after all, in that period, the “reversion” itself is what players care more about, and with the development of the game, the design team also began to think more about how to make the game experience can be more suitable for the “mobile”. “mobile”. When they finally find the direction of LOL hand travel, these equipment, talents and heroes on the changes are obviously in the direction of more hand travel-oriented efforts.

At the beginning of the 4.0a version update, in order to make the rhythm of the game is not too long, the design team is also very radical to the game to add a “defense tower spontaneous combustion” mechanism. When the game to a certain time, both sides of the defense tower will automatically begin to drop blood, giving the underdog a chance to turn the tide, but also to avoid the two sides to pull the game dragged long and uninteresting. Simple, violent and bold, but also very effective in accelerating the pace of the game.

With these drastic mechanism adjustments and hero redo, let today’s LOL handheld game is completely different than when it was first opened for testing. In the background of the League of Legends IP, in a set of still rigorous competitive game framework, players can harvest a very different from the end game, very excellent game experience.

More importantly, LOL hand tour is still through the change so that players can realize the difference: in addition to reproduce those in the end of the game in the classic, they can also play more unique to the LOL hand tour of innovation.

MOBA games

Since its launch more than a year ago, LOL hand game can be said to be one of the most updated mobile MOBA games.

This “more” is first reflected in the frequency of the game’s updates, one or two updates or balance adjustments per month, and occasionally temporary hotfixes. At the same time, in terms of the amount of content produced by each update, LOL handball game is definitely the most efficient one.


In the 4.4c update announcement released on December 6, only half a month after the last update, it brought information about a new hero, a new mode “Ice Festival Fantasy Journey”, three new skins, the redo of the female qin, one piece of equipment and nine heroes balance changes, as well as as as many as 27 heroes in the Infinite Smash mode, damage adjustments. The “Frozen Journey” has three new skins.

The new mode “Ice Festival Fantasy Journey” is actually a combination of several entertainment modes and original “egg” gameplay to make an “entertainment mode plus version experience! The new mode is a combination of several entertainment modes and original “egg” gameplay.


In “Infinite Smash x Gold Explosion”, which has already been launched, a large amount of gold coins can be generated around you after killing your opponents. This not only speeds up the molding of heroes, but also injects a large amount of “exploding equipment” into each kill, making the already tense and exciting Infinite Brawl even more frantic.

The name alone suggests that these eggs could have an even greater impact on existing entertainment modes, as well as conceivably more episodes of superstardom and stupidity, as details of the event are released in the coming weekends.


  • There’s far more gold than meets the eye!

Completely original new gameplay and new modes like these can be found in almost every version of the LOL handbook.

Even if you only look for it in the list of Ice Festival events above, Magic Codex Smash is the first new mode in the handheld game. Let each hero in the howling abyss this narrow map, but also each person can be equipped with a other hero’s move to fight, in a narrow map to play more flowery life.

Five months ago, the League of Legends ushered in the “Fighting Spirit Awakening” event, LOL hand tour in addition to the same preparation as the end game 2V2V2V2 mode “arena”, but also launched an additional 3 heroes per player control of the “KOF mode”. “Fighter mode”.

At the top of the screen displays the blood, life and energy slots of both players, and the player controls one hero at a time in the arena for single combat. Every time a player saves up a grid of energy, he or she can consume it to switch heroes and play multiple heroes’ combos just by himself or herself, making one game a full 3-hero addiction.


  • Use Hijack’s move to increase damage, use Ike’s move to save your life.

In addition to the endless new experiences in the entertainment mode, in the Summoner’s Canyon, which emphasizes the competitive nature of the game, the unique LOL handheld game innovations are also blossoming.

Elemental dragon mechanism on the hand tour of the original frost dragon, in the tactical level to give players a completely different BUFF and a new map; talent system in the new siren killer, originally belongs to the mythological equipment of the powerful effect brought to the talent tree; and the aforementioned “spontaneous combustion tower”, are LOL hand tour of the unique rhythm of the game according to the LOL hand tour of the game, the LOL hand tour of the unique rhythm of the game, the LOL hand tour of the game in their own. Under the unique rhythm of the game, according to their own characteristics to make innovation. Due to many hand travel in the first attempt to change, and later in the end of the game also saw a similar design ideas, so that some players put the game called “end of the test service”.

These constantly updated new gameplay, coupled with the LOL hand tour of the existing content of the continuous updating, practical step by step to improve the hand tour of the playability itself, and the recent recognition of the players in the two events.

Especially for the LOL hand tour, want to get the player recognition of the difficulty, in fact, than other hand tour is also a lot higher.

The League of Legends IP

For LOL hand travel, sitting on the top of the League of Legends IP is a huge advantage. Only at the same time, it also makes their audience groups become more complex.

LOL handheld game players are first and foremost League of Legends audiences, having gotten into the game because of the endgame, Battle of Two Cities, or other spin-offs. They may naturally come into contact with the game with an established impression, and in addition to bringing them the freshness of the game, they also need to make them feel familiar. This delicate balance of “both fresh and classic” is undoubtedly a great challenge.

From the LOL hand tour this year since the change, we can see that although the process is relatively long, but the LOL hand tour is really growing, to a “very League of Legends, but more League of Legends hand tour” in the right direction of evolution.

Even though League of Legends is a mature IP, the LOL handball team has always put themselves in the position of a newcomer, which in my opinion is the secret to their continuous progress.

This kind of apprentice mentality of facing players directly can be seen from their frequent updates. David, the Asian guy who brings you news about new releases while working on each update announcement, has gradually become an old acquaintance in the eyes of players, just like “Uncle Ton”, because of his frequent appearances in the developer’s video logs to communicate with players.

In June of this year, in the Anne redo proposal, the production team, in a rare gesture for a developer, solicited more than 2.6 million suggestions from all players to hear what kind of new Anne players wanted.

After the long solicitation period, there were more steps to analyze, test, and modify, and when the new version of Annie went live, it was clearly worth the effort in terms of player discussion and positive feedback.

LOL hand tour, which has just spent its first birthday of public testing this year, still has a long way to go in the future. Whether it is the fullness of the game content, innovation in gameplay, balance adjustments for the characteristics of handheld games, skin, benefits on the push out, or game IP and ecological construction, LOL handheld games are in a better and better evolutionary process.

There is a very real benefit, the second half of this year, the welfare system revamped with all kinds of operational activities, most players through the task or activity, almost every month can get the skin for free, and even some players began to post discussions, on-line so far in the end how much skin white whoring.

Some of the author’s colleagues who originally just secretly play by themselves, also because of the joy of whoring skin, found a perfect reason to pull around friends a piece of Smash or Infinite Firepower - and many of my friends may not have contacted the end of the game.

Many people think that LOL hand tour to make up for the vacancy of the game scene outside the hero alliance PC, but in fact, LOL hand tour itself has its own big ecology. From the situation around me, end game and hand travel in the player level does not necessarily have a high degree of user overlap, more IP user overlap, and LOL hand travel itself, but also to help the hero alliance big ecological development and growth.

Under the IP tree of the League of Legends, LOL hand travel is also becoming a signpost for more people to contact the League of Legends, pointing to every wonderful work in this IP and intertwining into a lifestyle.

With the attitude of daring to face the players, no matter whether it is the ups and downs of the game to get the affirmation, or the unprecedented top of the best-seller list, I believe that for the LOL hand tour is a brand new starting point.

Most importantly, it allows players to see the apprentice mentality of the production team. With this kind of humility and seriousness, LOL hand tour will be able to evolve faster towards a game made with heart and a game that players expect to see.