League of Legends game S13 Worlds, passion burns like fire.

Just now, a thrilling finalist duel came to an end, and the BDS team from the European region reshaped their glory with amazing courage and strength.

Facing the predicament of PSG’s two-city lead, BDS fought back and completed a jaw-dropping comeback, successfully advancing to the S13 main round.

The MVPs for this victory were deservedly awarded to Galen and Adam, the Noob’s Jedi Brother, for their breathtaking performances.

Now, let’s look forward to the exciting continuation of the S13 Main Event!


The Swiss round grouping that LOL players around the world have been watching is coming soon, right behind the BDS and PSG matches.

This grouping rule is something to look forward to:

The No. 1 seed will face off against the No. 4 seed, and the No. 2 seed will take on the No. 3 seed.

Let’s take a look at the exact seed pools:

  • The number one seeds include JDG, GEN, G2 and NRG;

  • The second seed has BLG, T1, FNC and C9;

  • The third seed is LNG, KT, MAD and TL;

  • Finally, the fourth seeds are WBG, DK, GAM and BDS.

This exciting Swiss round grouping will bring endless excitement and anticipation for LOL players around the world!


The LCK League recently had an exciting announcement!

They managed to invite former famous player Mata, who used to play for RNG team in LPL region is the S4 World Champion and FMVP.

But what’s even more interesting is that the signatures of each team were put into a lucky bag, and Mata will randomly pick the signatures.

This will make the matchup combinations for the tournament even more exciting.

After the first draw of the Swiss round, we already know the matchups for the eight games.

GEN will face GAM, NRG will face WB, GG2 will play DK, JDG will face BDS, T1 will face TLC, 9 will face MAD, BLG will play KT, and FNC will face LNG.

These matchups will provide us with an intense game, so let’s see what happens!


There are three exciting matchups coming up in the LPL!

First up is JDG vs. BDS, a matchup that will give us an absolutely fascinating battle between 369 and Adam the Jedi!

Next up is LNG vs. FNC, our LPL team will be taking on a strong European opponent with a good chance of winning, so let’s look forward to this intense matchup!

Last but not least, WBG vs. NRG, our LPL team will be facing off against the powerhouse of the North American division, with a win in sight!

These three matches will give us the feeling of a warm-up game, so let’s all cheer for the LPL team!

However, the guys might be a bit worried about BLG’s match against KT, so let’s look forward to their great performance together!


The LCK Summer Tournament fever is sweeping in, and Team KT has attracted a lot of attention with their outstanding performance.

Their top single player Kiin is known as the national player, even Ale has called him the only one who can replace himself, which shows how strong he is.

Support player Lehends even won the MVP honor in the LCK Summer Regular Season, which shows his outstanding performance.

The matchup between BLG and KT will be an exciting one, especially the matchup between the top and bottom teams, which will bring us endless expectations.

Let’s look forward to this exciting matchup!


The first round of Swiss Round has come to an end and the next rounds will be even more exciting!

Each round will be a fierce duel between teams of equal strength. Only the first team to achieve 3 wins will advance, while the team with 3 losses will be ruthlessly eliminated.

Inevitably, we will witness intra-region wars, as well as a showdown between the LCK and LPL in the process.

There will no longer be a region circumvention mechanism in the second round of the Swiss round and beyond, so let’s wait and see what happens and witness the intense clashes between the top teams!


With the first round of Swiss Round about to begin, let’s see how many victories the four LPL teams can achieve in this fierce battle!

Let’s wait and see if they can show their power on this stage and win us glory!

Whichever team they are, they have gone through rigorous training and preparation, and I believe they will bring us surprises and exciting matches with their unparalleled skills and teamwork.

Let’s cheer for the LPL and look forward to their exciting performance in the first round of Swiss Round!