LOL New Band Theme Promotional Art Released!

Cain’s look is disappointing, and Ephilius can sing?

The news about the new series of LOL skins released some time ago has triggered the attention of many players, because this series is a male band series of skins. Previously, Fist has released several similar series, and the evaluation of players are very high, such as KDA, real damage, five kills rock and so on. There are so many good-looking skins in front, then this news is naturally also triggered a lot of players’ expectations. This time the members of this series are: Kai Yin (legend), Yong En (to the end), EZ, Thuti, Quisanti, Ephilius.

This member of the release at the time caused a lot of discussion, such as Ephraim in the backstory of the setting is not able to speak, most of the LOL gamers will not know a lot of male group, but everyone has to open mouth to sing a few lines or know, fist somehow put Ephraim in the counting of what is going on.

And Quisanti is not also some of the wrong, you change Lucian or Ike to make sense, even if say Ike has a, that in Lucian and Quisanti between the selection of a, is also Lucian looks more reasonable, how to think can not figure out why is Quisanti.


And just a short while ago, the old man who broke the news on the extranet released another picture of a suspected promotional photo. Because of the extreme completeness of the image and the extreme accuracy of the tipster, it’s basically confirmed to be real at this point, just a bit muddled.

A quick glance at this picture has again caused many players to discover some unreasonable things. For example, why is Kain standing at the very edge, didn’t he get a second T2 Legendary skin? Then there’s Quisanti in the back, wouldn’t Fist really think he’d be out of place with a few others? It’s not like this is the Great Tree from last year’s Champion skin, is this compensation for nerfing Quisanti?


Judging by the current discussion on the forums, this series of promotional images should be the worst of all the band-themed series of skins so far. Many players think that choose Quisanti might as well choose the male sword, the popularity of the male sword can be improved too much than Quisanti, and it just so happens that the model of the male sword is not very good, just to take advantage of this opportunity to change the problem of the male sword’s hunchback is not quite good?

Because the original drawings and skill effects previews have not yet been released, so whether the evaluation will be reversed afterward is currently unknown. But now this male group gives people the feeling is not up and down stuck there, since Quisanti can enter the male group, then why not add the crocodile dog head also? Fist really do this, maybe instead of the effect will be better.


Of course, the most difficult thing to say at the moment, should still be Cain players. Before I heard that Cain has a new T2 when how excited, now see standing in the corner of the purple hair Cain is how difficult. Currently Cain original painting is not yet out, but Cain players can now imagine this purple hair filled the entire screen, and then hang a “legend” logo in the center of the look.

Then look at the current Odyssey of Cain, and compare the two. Even though this is just a promotional image and not the original artwork of the hero, the look of this Cain’s new T2 is not going to be of high quality, and will definitely be beaten by Odyssey, which is completely different from the quality of Aso’s Darkstalker and Dragon Warrior.


Do you think this series will be too hot.