S13 Ranking Top 5: Knight comes second, only Xiaohu fails to make the list in LPL.


As the League of Legends S13 Global Finals begins, Inven Global has recently released an article giving the top five ranked mid singles in the world tournament, the original article is as follows:

Twenty-two teams from around the world have gathered to compete for the best League of Legends eSports team of 2023. With less than a week to go until the 2023 League of Legends Global Finals, teams are in the final stages of preparation, with the Summoner’s Trophy as their common goal. We will soon witness the most exciting and important match of the year.

Often considered the most strategy and skill orientated representatives, mid laners attract attention with their game-changing playstyles and rather magnetic presence. This position breeds legends more than any other. Fans may have heated debates about who truly rules this position, but only the talent that cannot be ignored will stand out. Inven Global will now focus on the top 5 talented mid laners who will shine at the 2023 Global Finals

  1. T1 Faker


Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyuk will be competing at Worlds in his home country for the first time in his storied career and is expected to leave a permanent mark as T1. It will be another strong year of perfect performances after South Korea’s victory at the 2023 Asian Games.

Faker is arguably the most intangible player in the game. His importance to T1 was highlighted during the LCK Summer 2023. During his absence due to a hand injury, the team’s form dropped significantly, highlighting his value. Upon his return, T1 regained their composure and climbed from sixth place in the regular season all the way to the finals.

While some mid laners may have surpassed him in a single match, Faker’s unrivalled leadership, strategic insight, and vast experience made him an invaluable cornerstone of T1’s young roster. Many will find the rankings controversial, but seeing T1’s transformation with and without Faker solidifies his place at the top of any list. While time may have slightly dulled his once unrivalled skills, his leadership remains unrivalled. With his young, talented roster at his disposal, Faker’s past glory and potential to compete for a fourth Summoner’s Cup remains undeniable.

  1. BLG Yagao


The earlier perception of Yagao as a functional player has completely changed this season. He’s put in great performance after great performance, often stepping up to be the backbone of the team when the rest of the team is stumbling. His progression as a player and his consistency in key moments have made him an important part of BLG’s success story. While Ygao may not always match the best players in terms of his ability to play online and in teamfights, his expertise in using mage heroes sets him apart. Depending on how other teams react to BLG’s strong roster, Yagao may be in a strong position, but always comes out on top.

  1. Scout


After parting ways with EDG, Scout soared to new heights and arguably had his best season with LNG. Winner of the Spring and Summer MVP titles, Scout captured the world’s attention with his performances and played a major role in propelling LNG to multiple victories.

His signature traits include exceptional consistency and a massive hero pool. The 2021 World Champion is now aiming to lead a rejuvenated LNG to conquer Worlds 2023, and with his impressive summer stats in terms of kills, KDA, and damage, Scout is ready for a big Worlds. Surrounded by a strong playmaker and AD, he is eager to take home his second trophy.

  1. Knight


After an outstanding year, Knight has consistently shown excellence on the field. In his new team, Knight’s strength is undeniable. Summer stats reveal his dominance, as he always tops the list of LPL mid laners, as well as being one of the highest in kills and damage. He also showed his versatility once again, playing a large number of heroes and showcasing many different styles of play.

Knight is a key player on his team who dictates the tempo of the map and is a strong contender for the best mid laner in the world. His overall gameplay is well-rounded: impeccable line play, excellent all-round gameplay, and an innate ability to save the day in team fights.

Knight’s exceptional skill set is second to none, and coupled with his bold personality and shrewd decision-making, he’s a great asset to a championship-hungry team like JDG. Previously, doubts overshadowed his international potential due to minor issues in the past. However, 2023 saw a revival for Knight backed by a strong JDG lineup that is now also touted as the best lineup of the season.

  1. GEN Chovy


Few mid laners can match Chovy’s unrivalled strength in the lane phase. He consistently dominates, ensuring that his opponents rarely taste the sweet taste of victory against him. His versatility is another one of his strengths. This year alone, he has demonstrated his adaptability by mastering a plethora of heroes.

Such prowess has not gone unnoticed.Chovy is often hailed as one of the best players in the world, but his accolades are still hugely flawed: international tournament trophies. The elusive Summoner’s Cup was always out of his reach during his four-plus years on the top echelon of the LCK. Now, with the tournament taking place in his home country, his leverage has become even greater.

His recent performances reflect his readiness. This summer, he dominated the early game and even took the third spot in the LCK mid laner damage rankings. Coupled with three consecutive regional victories, Chovy now stands on the precipice of legend.

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