LOL launches new mode

  • Players choose heroes in advance

  • directly into the game

  • do not need to grab the position again

Hero alliance S13 season has entered the end, wait until the end of the S13 global finals is expected to enter the pre-season stage, then another season level changes, fist official is actually very worried about the problem of player loss.

Under the premise of such an environment, the designers have once again introduced a brand new matching mode.

LOL new match mode for players to play quickly

As we all know, the hero alliance match mode often appears all kinds of bulls and ghosts, in this mode there are many players will practice heroes, at the same time because the number of auxiliary players is too small, in the time of entering the hero selection interface, often will compete with the players hand speed, quick seconds after the lock of the heroes, the hand is slow or hesitant to play their own position or heroes of the players will be forced to choose the rest of the position.


This leads to the match mode game environment deterioration, at the same time match mode is not like Smash or Infinite Fire such entertainment mode, players play match mentality will often be greatly affected.

For this reason, Fist decided to introduce a quick game mode to replace the previous matchmaking mode, in short, this quick game mode, let players in the lobby on the choice of the position and heroes they want to play, and then enter the queue in the middle of the queue.

When the time comes, players will enter the game directly, runes and other configurations are selected in advance, similar to Genting, matching people directly into the game.


The designer said that such a mode can solve a lot of problems, first of all, it can shorten the matching time, and secondly, the most important role is to avoid a lot of players in the choice of heroes on the mind blowing up, and can’t choose the position and heroes they want to play.

LOL new mode arrival, the overall benefits outweigh the disadvantages

In addition, the designer also deliberately mentioned one point, that is, many players who like to research, in the matching mode is actually not good to survive, for example, a player wants to play the middle single Kasha, after the election of the heroes also need to quickly inform their teammates, because after Kasha is elected, the other players are generally defaulted to you to play the lower road.


There are also some special assistants as well, similar to Raven Zelas and so on, if the reminder is not timely, the teammates will default to the common position of this hero, and then choose their own hero.

The last is that this mode is more friendly to some players who are not good at multiple positions, many times match mode other four teammates quickly after the second lock, leaving only one position, it happens to be this position is the player will not play, it is very difficult.


In short this new model of LOL think can solve a lot of problems, of course this model also has drawbacks, because everyone picks the position and heroes in advance, many times, a specific combination of heroes and COMBO is very difficult to form, easy to appear in the lineup or combination of mismatched problems.

Complementary position still exists, players also have to play auxiliary

Here many players have to ask, that match mode we all do not like to play auxiliary, this new mode is not to row longer, in fact, this new match is to allow players to choose the first choice and the second choice of the two positions, must contain the recommended position, the so-called recommended position, that is, the current match pool in the most lack of the position, when the player will be reminded of the player.


The designer’s explanation is that players will be able to pick the heroes they want to play in most cases, but in a few cases they may have to be prepared to fill the position.

Personally, I think this makes sense as it’s really hard to match players if they don’t have a secondary pick position.

Overall this new mode is quite interesting, many players may know, now match mode there are a large number of players will choose the single Yasso heroes, this new mode on the line, there may be players deliberately choose to target Yasso’s heroes to the line, when the game environment may be very different.


The last thing to say is that the match mode, no matter how to change, its essence is an encounter game, after the change can reduce the player waiting time and the probability of explosion of the mind, but the essence of the game and the previous is still almost the same, or hope that the players can maintain a good mentality, don’t be affected by the mood of the game.