LOL Skin List Update

  • The birth of the three queens
  • Akali topped for the first time
  • Larks is building up strength

As we all know, the League of Legends is a MOBA type game, and the difference between other types of games is that MOBA games kryptonite players can not improve their own strength, and the main means of Riot Games to make money is to rely on the skin.


Different players have different good heroes, and the number of skins of different heroes is also one of the hot topics discussed by players.

LOL skin list updated, Akali on top

The saying of pro-daughter has been circulating inside LOL, referring to some female heroes officially favored by Fist with a large number of skins, especially the humanoid female characters of non-monster or mutant heroes, for which a variety of different styles of skins can be created because of their malleability.


Previously recognized by players as one of Fist’s own daughters is Lax, a hero who basically comes out with skins year after year, with popular skins including Ultimate Series, Chinese New Year Limited and Supreme, among others.

However, after the latest version of the national service update, through the statistics, players found that Larks is now no longer the fist unique pro-daughter, and Larks has the same number of skins of two heroes, these two heroes are the outliers of the thorns of Akali and bounty hunter Ms. Doom.

All three heroines currently have 19 skins, with Akari being the latest character to top the list.


The main reason why Akali can complete the top, the main reason is that in this year Akali successively out of three skins, respectively, DRX’s champion skin, the magical girl skin and the magical girl to the best of the skin, at once three skins, so that she can complete the top.

LOL three queens, Lax is building up strength

As a result, players call Akari, Larks and Good Luck Sister together as the three queens of LOL, and it is now certain that after Akari has come out with three skins one after another, the progress of the skins behind her will definitely slow down, and Akari is one of the few heroes who have two Supreme skins at the moment.


Let’s talk about the other two heroes, Lax side this year in July out of the Supreme Sky series of skins, continue to trace back to the Fighting Soul Awakening and Celadon, in fact, Lax out of the skin frequency has been fixed high, a lot of players have said that after Akali even take three skins, Lax is storing up power, waiting for the next skin, according to the fist to do the law of the skin, it is estimated to be a few months later.

Good Luck Sister side of the latest skin is the Jedi Rest Sanctuary, which was released in February this year, accompanied by a Supreme Skin, and currently Good Luck Sister, Lax and Akari all have two Supreme.


In terms of skin progress, the first to get a new skin should be the good luck sister, so it is presumed that in the future version, Akali briefly topped the top should be good luck sister and Lax gradually surpassed, it should be noted that the good luck sister and Lax are no champion skin.

EZ policewoman fox, in the third gear level

Other heroes skin, with 17 skins of fox EZ and policewoman is in the third gear level, from this point of view, EZ is the pro son is indeed not running, but compared to the heroine, EZ is still slightly inferior.


Personally think that Akali may fall to the third grade in the future, fox EZ potential is relatively large, Larks is likely to still be the most favored heroine, from the point of view of the quality of the skin, Larks is a unique level, Akali because of the hero skills and models are redone, so the quality of the skin is also okay, good luck to the sister of the quality of the skin may be a little bit worse, especially compared to to the Zhen, good luck to the sister of the two Zhen are not particularly The quality of her skins may be a bit lower, especially when compared to Zhen’s.

In the back of the ranking, there are two because of the ancient period out of too many skins so can be on the list, these two are the card and Annie, there are a lot of ancient skin, so the quality will be a little worse, the back of the Ruiz clown is also similar situation.


In short, Riot Games will still make skins in the future based on the hero popularity and the hero’s plasticity, the human heroine’s this label is too popular, so in the future will also focus on these female heroes to theme development.